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With an automated workflow, you are able to improve your printing process to such an extent that meeting your customer’s demands will be easier than ever, while keeping production as convenient for you as possible. 


Automation Software Solution for a smooth DTG production workflow.

"Milow is an intuitive, efficient and smart automation software, cut perfectly to the needs of different businesses."
Angelo Schiestl
Managing Director - aeoon Technologies GmbH

Automate your workflow with one easy-to-use software!

If you want your textile decoration workflow to run completely automatically, from selecting the items to shipping them, Milow might just be the ideal software solution for you…

User Friendly

Milow takes care of your workflow FOR you. Our software is perfectly cut to your needs and requirements and helps you increase your production efficiency.

Best Support

It is important to have a strong partner, if you ever have any questions or need to overcome any hurdles – Milow’s support team is there for you 24/7 and ready to help you with anything that might come up along the way.


Of course, your production process contains sensitive information – with Milow, your data is completely safe and cannot be accessed by third parties without your consent.

"Milow is incredibly easy to use and suits our industrial DTG printing equipment perfectly."
Janine Somweber
Head of Sales - aeoon Technologies GmbH

the automation process


Order In

Orders will flow in through different channels, depending on which ones you choose for your business. Orders are generated digitally.



The terminal ensures that goods are kept ready for orders. Here, garments receive their unique QR code, used throughout the whole production process.



If garments aren’t already pretreated, this station tells you where and how they need to be. Then, the pretreat is sprayed onto the textiles, making them ready for printing.



Now to the most important part: Milow allows you to automatically load the print files of each job, control the positioning via EPS and save machine profiles per item and colour.



You want to add further decoration techniques to your garment to give the design some extra spark? Milow enables you to add any type of decoration machine into your workflow.


Additional instructions

Marketing is important, so why not add a flyer or one or two goodies to your order? No problem, at this station you can add items that were not originally included in the automated process.


Quality Control

Avoid production errors – all activities are saved in time – if not all requirements are met, further processing is automatically blocked. Due to Milow’s transparent system, you can see all errors when they occur and why.


Automatic sorting

Each garment is marked with a QR code – scan the tag and Milow will automatically guide you to the correct order. As soon as the last part is scanned, the order is ready for shipping.



Milow automatically prints the correct shipping label and package contents, including all necessary customs documents. And if something should ever go wrong, Milow automatically stops the process.

After the last part has been scanned, the package can be sent and

your garments are on their way to make your customers happy!

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